What are some of the top MMO games of 2013? Here’s a list of the best ones available:

Best Free-to-Play MMORPGs

Note: Most titles in the MMO gaming market today are f2p so this list will be a little bit longer when this post is updated. Currently only the top 3 games are listed but more will be added soon.

top mmo game

Forsaken World– this is a good game for people who are sick of the bright, colorful magical setting of other MMORPGs. Forsaken World is set in a dark, gothic fantasy world where dangerous creatures roam. The artwork and character designs are superb. Players can even choose to play as Kindred/Vampires which is a big plus for people who want to roleplay a “dark” character.


Lord of the Rings Online– a Western-style MMORPG with realistic 3D graphics. LOTRO is a big-budget game that is one of the most popular MMOs in the world. This game offers classic RPG gaming at its best, with a good variety of races, classes and skills that allow players to build the type of character they want and play the way they like.

top mmo game 2013

Runes of Magic – a 3D game set in an epic fantasy world. Runes of Magic has award-winning gameplay, realistic graphics and a vast game world. RoM is a big budget game with plenty of character customization, six races, 30 character class combinations, player-owned houses and guild castles, dungeons, bosses, crafting, and exciting PvE and PvP combat.

New Open Beta MMORPG Games

open beta mmorpg

Prime World – an exciting new competitive role-playing strategy MMO with intense player-vs-player action. Players can train their heroes and build a city in between single player missions and 3vs3 or 4vs4 PvP battles.

Neverwinter – a new MMORPG set in the classic Dungeons & Dragons RPG fantasy world. The city of Neverwinter is under attack and you are invited to join the battle. A sensational new game that plays like a classic action RPG game, MMO-style. Players are also able to build their own adventure via the “Foundry” that gives fans tools to make and share a user-created quest. A must-try for 2013.

Firefall – one of the hottest games around that people are talking about and recommending to other players. This is a free-to-Play massively multiplayer skill-based shooter. (Editor’s note: yes, people have been telling me to play this game; it seems very popular.)

Buy to Play Games with No Monthly Subscription Fees

Buy-to-play is the newest successful type of MMO these days. Unlike pay-to-play, these games have no monthly subscription fee. However, they are not free-to-play because you do have to buy the game to play it. Since the game has to be bought there are fewer spammers and bots compared to f2p titles so the community is better. This type of MMORPG is a good compromise between those who don’t want to spend too much money but don’t want to pay every month for an online game.

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Guild Wars 2 – one of the top-selling PC games of 2012, Guild Wars 2 is a high fantasy 3D MMORPG that is very polished and fun to play. GW 2 features a dynamic game world, personalized storylines, and innovative gameplay. The area quests are particularly nice. In most games you start quests by talking to an NPC. In Guild Wars 2 as you explore the world dynamic events are triggered and your character is seamlessly inserted into the story. For example, as you are walking by some NPCs they will suddenly be attacked by giant spiders. You can either run away or help them. If you help you get exp and loot, plus if other players happen to pass by the event they can also help you out and all of you will receive the rewards. This makes for very good immersion and cooperative gameplay. Where to buy it: Guild Wars 2 on Amazon

The Secret World – most MMOs are fantasy titles set in a cartoony world but not The Secret World. In this game players explore modern-day cities such as London, New York and Seoul. A great game for people who love conspiracy theories and horror themes. The dialogue, story and writing is quite fascinating, too. The main quests are cinematic, fully voiced and fun. The community is smaller compared to other games but very friendly and tight-knit. It’s currently on sale on Amazon here: The Secret World [Download]

Top Pay-to-Play MMORPGs

best pay to play mmorpg

World of Warcraft – still going strong after all these years, WoW is the top Western MMORPG in terms of popularity. It’s a great game and the one that most MMO gamers play when they want a smooth, reliable experience. If you want to just try it out then go to battle.net and you can play it for free up to level 20. However, it’s best to start off pay-to-play from the start for the best experience. You can buy the best WoW bundle from this link: World of Warcraft Battle Chest – for less than $20 you can get the main game, two expansions (The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King) and 30 days of p2p time. The monthly subscription to WoW is $15.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – one of the best-selling MMORPGs of 2013. FFXIV has amazing HD graphics, movies and sound. It is so immensely popular that at launch date there were long queues to log into the game. Don’t worry, all such server issues have been fixed now. It has the classic Final Fantasy monsters, an interesting story, beautiful cities/landscapes, a dedicated player base, and an easy learning curve.

Link: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Amazon.com

Eve Online – now here is something a little bit different. Eve Online has recently had some controversial changes but it’s still the number one sandbox MMORPG today. Eve Online isn’t for everyone – a common complaint about it is that people start playing then have no idea what to do. That’s because it’s sandbox, meaning its game design gives the player a lot of freedom to do what he wants to do.

Upcoming MMO Games

Last update: June, 2012.

Also, there are quite a few upcoming titles due to be released in 2013. The one most people are looking forward to is ArcheAge but there is no official release date yet though 2013 is a good guess. Other noteworthy games are: BLESS, Dungeon Hero, Everquest Next, Lineage Eternal, Survarium, Wildstar, Defiance, Core Blaze and The Repopulation.

Of course, right now people are talking about the “Skyrim MMORPG” which is officially titles Elder Scrolls Online. Time will tell whether this will be the next blockbuster MMO.

An interesting future release is Pathfinder Online, a hybrid sandbox/theme park-style MMO that has a lot of dynamic content. The developers have promised a player-controlled economy and a potentially (virtual/game) worldwide player-run political system.


  1. Actually, I’m doing research on the name LAYKA and your name popped up. May I ask you what, if anything, you know about the etymology of your name. Were you named in memory of someone, for example, a grandmother of beloved memory? If so, where was she from and what language(s) did she speak. Thank you for taking the time to respond (hopefully, directly to my e-mail if possible). By the way, although I don’t play video games, I was impressed by your uber confident style and ability to accept the suggestions to improve your pacing and posture. Most appreciative for your help on my research about your lovely name. Best wishes this Fall.

    1. Hi,

      Interesting project but for me I’m afraid this doesn’t really apply. Layka is my nick or “internet handle” (not my real name).

  2. I think FF14 comes out in 2013 still too and has a big expectation after the first launch was so poor. Might be an amazing game upon release.

  3. Great list, tried out Shaiya Online. not bad at all, also path of exile is a f2p game and i’m am loving it so far. it is in beta still but they have most of the bugs worked out.

  4. Age of Wushu is a good game if you started with the game.
    If you plan on joining now its not the best Experience.
    Making gold is dificult, you cannot make legal gold unless you buy it.
    There are very few Mines, animals to Hunt, fish, lootable good usable in game items.
    Most of this places will get you killed by PKrs if you get near.

    If you dont buy money from Hackers it is imposible to get good weapons or Items.
    Since you cannot farm or get gold otherwise at low levels.

    Legaly it would take 2 or 3 months to be competitive. but it is painful. most places are full of PKers, who only hunt low levels to kill. If you have a high level no one will ever touch you. but having a label ” Realized Potencial or Less, you become a PKer Target imediately, they wait next to Quest delivering NPC, at the roads between Maps or next to the Teleports. to hunt low levels comming in.

    If you plan on Joining AGE OF WUSHU, you better do it late at night, and avoid weekends.

    Walking at 50% speed becouse some one just killed you for 15 minutes is not fun.

  5. Good list of MMORPG’s, but where’s Runescape? Runescape 3 comes out July 22nd, massive update which will forever change the game.

    1. runescape3 is a terrible mess. the interface is awful, very confusing, black screens, and horrible lagging in game. I don’t recommend runescape3. I just left the game and I’m looking for another game like what runescape used to be like before 2010.

    1. Given how recently square enix had f**ked their long term players on ffxi (I’ve been playing ffxi for 8 years), never will I ever let that company make one single penny off me. I am on ffxiv beta, all I can say is, don’t hold your breath. I am a quitter, and proud of it!

  6. Every single game these days screws over the players (or eventually will). Always remember: the creators are in it for themselves, and whatever brings the most money, they will do it. They aren’t for the players’ interests, only the business’s interests.

    The most important question is: is there a game where the players can have an influence on what content is brought out? Runescape got destroyed by this (they got too greedy). Apparently EVE is heading in the same direction.

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