Seafight is a free to play game wherein you will be given a chance to become a captain of a pirate ship. You will be given with a small loot and crew to start with but the tasks within the game enables you to build your stockpile and manpower. The quests in the game include accomplishing pirate missions like looting and pillaging as well as defeating sea monsters. Upon mastery of the game, you can become a widely notorious pirate lord in the virtual seven seas.


In creating a gaming account, you must choose a username and encode all the required details on the sign-up screen. After which, you are ready to conquer the horizon by choosing a server where you will play. Seafight has servers which are based in USA, Eastern Europe and Western Europe that you may choose from. No software downloads are required before you can start playing this browser-based game. You can immediately check the game’s pub to check the missions that you can conduct.

You can attack enemies using the arsenal that you have amassed through the challenges that the game presents. Upon completion of a challenge, experience points and game currency will be given. Compiling more experience points adds more power to your attack while the game money enables you to buy additional weapons from the game’s store. You can use the gold that you have collected to buy better pirate ships, more guns and powerful artillery equipment. The game’s gold can also be used to hire more pirates to your crew.

Aside from gold, be on the lookout for Pearls which are highly valuable yet challenging to collect. You can buy more items with this game currency and the most efficient ships can only be bought using these. Possessing highly efficient weapons and equipment is also possible through the auction house but winning here is tough given that there are a lot of players who will try to outplay you. You can also collect up to $10,000 by winning the game’s monthly free-for-all tournament.

Link: Seafight

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