Eudemons Online

Eudemons Online is an MMORPG which brings gamers into an enchanted place where the western and eastern visual perception converge in order to house magical spells and dependable monsters. This 700-megabyte game is developed and released by TQ Digital. The distinguishing edge of this online game against other MMORPG is the presence of Eudemons, pet monster that is raised and nurtured by the player’s character throughout the entire game. In exchange, pet monsters help the character battle other players in the game.


Through constant battling, Eudemons can level up and evolve to become stronger allies. This 2.5D game also boasts of its open Player vs. Player or PVP environment. This allows players to defeat other characters with the use of their monsters real time. Players can certainly determine easily who among them have raised their monster correctly through victories during PVP battles.

Players can nurture and train up to a maximum of 12 monsters during the entire game. From these twelve, three monsters can be summoned to aid the player during PVP battles. Players will certainly have the liberty to choose among 100 different monsters depending on their gaming preferences.

Aside from Eudemons, players can also choose which type of character they want to play. The playable classes in this MMORPG include mages, warriors, and paladins. The offensive power of mages lies in their ability to cast effect and area skills. Despite being compromised with low health and defense, mages have the highest damage power in the game. Warriors, on the other hand, can be good offensive fighters since their powerful melee attacks and high defense can be a good combination. However, the drawback of the warrior class is that they lack the ability to initiate ranged attacks. Lastly, paladins serve as the cross-breed between mages and warriors. They have the ability to use magical support skills such as healing, resurrection and flying. Aside from this, they can defeat their enemies through their high attack power.

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