4Story is a fun 3D MMORPG with a fantasy theme. Although it’s not too famous, it does have a mid-sized and active player base. It’s visuals are pretty good but the real reason you should give 4Story a try is its many different types of PvP, the unique Realtime Strategic Command System, exciting voiced epic quests, and legendary weapon crafting.

In addition, it is fully scalable. 4Story runs very fast and smoothly even on older computers or laptops.


Top Features:

  • Excellent tutorial that lets you try out a high level character
  • Scalable on any type of computer, even older ones
  • Quest-centric progression
  • Plenty of gifts/free stuff
  • Three races: Human, Fairie, Felines
  • Six classes: evocators, archer, priest, night walkers, warrior, and magician
  • PvP modes: area conquest, duels, open PvP, guild-vs-guild castle conquest

Link: 4Story website


4story classes4story quests4story screen4story races


4Story has often been compared to World of Warcraft and some even call it a WoW clone. The two MMORPGs do have many things in common but it is important to note that WoW itself has many things in common with its predecessors. For example, both 4Story and WoW feature the so-called “holy trinity” of character classes: Tank, Healer, and DPS (Damage Per Second). However, this is not unique to WoW and has been used by many MMOs that came before WoW such as Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC).

That controversy aside, 4Story remains an excellent choice for any free MMO gamer who wants something traditional but fun. 4Story has exciting, fast-paced and numerous PvP types but what stands out are the massive territory wars (where players fight to control a certain area) and Guild-vs-Guild castle siege warfare. The guild-vs-guild thing is really fun! About the territory wars, there are three kingdoms in 4Story and each is hostile to the others so the war determines which kingdom controls the neutral territory for a time – until the next wars, of course.

Want to play 4Story? Visit the official 4Story website.

Cheers, and happy gaming!

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