Best Pay to Play MMORPGs

Since there are only a few pay-to-play (p2p) MMORPGs, we have listed all of the ones we currently recommend on this page.

The Best Pay to Play MMORPGs 2013

There are basically just a few subscription MMORPGs today and we recommend the following:

EVE Online – an amazing “anything goes, no rules” type of sandbox MMO game

World of Warcraft – currently the world’s number one bestselling p2p MMORPG

Final Fantasy XI – just amazingly good, this is a wonderful pay to play MMORPG that is selling quite cheaply nowadays

These are our top picks. There is more information on each game below, written by various MMO gamers. WoW, Final Fantasy XI, and Eve Online all have a monthly subscription fee. When you visit a game website it can be hard to find all of the information that you need so the links on this page go to the MMORPGs’ respective Amazon pages where you can see easily see the pricing, content and system requirements.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: Newly Launched Pay to Play MMORPG

The hottest new MMORPG of 2013 so far, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a pay to play (subscription game) that launched August 27, 2013. It’s available on the PC and PS3. Players have been raving about the following features:

  • good storyline
  • beautiful 3D graphics
  • HD real time cut scenes, Final Fantasy style
  • an amazing 18 different classes
  • advanced crafting system
  • matchmaking style party finding tool
  • music by Final Fantasy composers Nobuo Uematsu and Naoshi Mizuta
  • no microtransactions

Eve Online
~written by JadedbyMe

Eve Online is one of the popular video games nowadays that is created by CCP Games. It is an online role playing game where the setting of the game takes place in outer space. Players of this game get to be pilots of space ships. These space ships can be customized depending how the player wants it to look. The space ships hover through more than 7,500 star systems of a galaxy. Almost all of these star systems are connected to each other. These connections are called stargates. The star systems consist of different outer space body systems which include moons, different planetary stations, asteroids and many more.

Different in-game activities can be enjoyed by the players of Eve Online. Some of the activities include mining, trading, space exploration and combat fighting, which is the main purpose of the game. Players get to fight with other players in this game. Training skills may change overtime because the advancement system of the characters still increases even if the players are not logged in the game.

When playing Eve Online for the first time, the players create a new character or they may select a pre-made one that is already included in the game. Players should create their own Eve Online account. One account is entitled for up to three characters only. After the player chooses their new character, they start the game by choosing one out of four races. These races are named Amarr, Minmatar, Gallente or Caldari. Each of these races is then divided into three bloodlines. The bloodlines give the characters a change of appearance depending on which level his bloodline is. The appearances of the characters may also be changed by the player.

The major role of the player on this game is by flying a space ship. The space ships may be docked into different stations where the characters are safe. These stations also serve as repair stations as well as buying and selling of goods for character upgrades. Players fire to their opponents by aiming weapons at them.

World of Warcraft
~ written by BloodElfDreamer

Also abbreviated as Wow, World of Warcraft is one of the very popular multiplayer online role playing game in this generation. WoW was created by Blizzard Entertainment. Due to its wide number of subscribers, the game made its way to releasing different expansion sets. The popularity of this game made it to become a record holder in Guinness World Record for being the most popular MMORPG by having the largest number of subscribers.

The game play starts with the player creating their character avatar and controls it within the whole game. The avatars explore the land and fights different kinds of monsters, completing various quests as well as interacting with the other characters within the game. Just like any other online role playing games, World of Warcraft requires its players to avail a subscription so they could play the game. Subscription or passes may be availed either through credit card or prepaid gaming cards.

Upon entering the game, the player is required to select a realm, or better known as the game server. Every realm has a game world which has one of the four categories: Normal or PvE (Player versus Environment), wherein a player is more likely to come face to face with a monster as well as finishing different quests. Another is called PvP (Player versus Player). In this category, aside from defeating monsters and participating in different challenges, a player can be defeated or combated by another player. Third category is called the RP which is also a variation of PvE. In this category, the players are roleplaying in-character. Lastly, the RP-PvP or Roleplay – PvP is a variation of PvP in which players may combat with other players as well as defeat monsters and accept different challenges.

Characters develop their abilities depending on the skills and talents that they have obtained during the entire gameplay. Players can choose different professions for their characters. These professions include tailoring, mining and blacksmithing. Secondary skills may also be obtained such as archeology, first-aid, fishing and cooking. Guilds may also be formed and players can join them which allow them to gain access to the chat room where players of the same guild can interact while playing.

~ written by George V.

Note: TERA is now free to play. We are keeping this review here anyway since it does contain useful information but please be aware that this is now f2p.

TERA is an online roleplaying game that is filled with fantasy and adventure. In this game, players team up with another player to fight monsters and upgrade their levels. Players may also avail new gears that will allow them to fight higher ranking opponents. Different quests and challenges are also needed to be done during the entire gameplay. Just like any other online game, TERA allows players to communicate with each other through chat.

When battling and combating in TERA, choosing a target is not that much of a problem because a target marker automatically appears when releasing fireballs and slashing the swords. The players cannot go wrong because all they have to do is stab, swing or cast the opponent. One of the monster opponents is called the Ovolith. It is a giant spider that rolls like a top and spins throughout the landscape. It bounces into the air and hammers down the ground. To defeat an opponent, aiming the attacks and staying alert is important.

Players can also build their own Guilds. A guild consists of a large group of people where they could interact with one another to perform their goals and duties in the game. A guild requires a guild leader who reviews applications. In TERA, there is also a Political System. This Political System is known as the Valkyon Federation. It consists of seven member races that are made to battle the argons.

TERA can be enjoyed by doing many tasks and accomplishing different challenges. You will know that you have accomplished a lot when players are already dealing with BAMS or better known as Big-Ass Monsters. Bigger dungeons are also seen as the players progress level through the game. What makes this game exciting is the Guild versus Guild combat. Every game is a new challenge for the players because there are a lot of possibilities that this game can bring. Unlocking tasks can lead to certain rewards and missions that make playing this game more enticing.

~written by Stephen

Note: Rift switched over to free to play.

Rift (formerly Rift: Planes of Telara) is a multiplayer online roleplaying game that was released in May of 2011 by Trion Worlds. This game was previously called Rift: Planes of Telara. The game setting takes place in the World of Telara. Telara is where different elemental Planes intersect. The Planes in the game represents the elemental forces of Fire, Earth, Water, Life and Death. Each of these Planes is headed by a Dragon-deity. Regulos, the Dragon of Extinction created an alliance called the Blood Storm to invade Telara so they could use the interaction of all their Realms.

In Rift, each player chooses a character between four callings. These callings are called Warrior, Mage, Rogue and Cleric. The characters have different classes and each of which starts with different souls from a calling. These souls have trees that they can allocate certain number of points for each level. The soul trees of Rift have two levels, the branches, in which there are abilities that players can allocate their points to, and roots where the soul’s abilities are unlocked as players reach a certain amount of points to the branches.

The character customization of this game allows its players to change a specific part of their avatar. They may change their character’s facial features, hairstyles, height and gender. Skin color may be changed as well but it still depends on the chosen race since the color palette for each race is limited. Armors and wardrobes may also be customized by changing their colors and designs.

Rift also requires the player to avail a monthly subscription for continuous game play. The game may be accessed by availing game credits online through credit card. They can also buy prepaid game cards if they do not have access to any credit cards. For those who want to try Rift, it is made free to play since January of 2012 but only up to level 20 and also includes some restrictions.


  1. These all arent p2p games, WoW is a subscription based game, pay to play means you pay once and get to play as long as you’d like, not sure about eve but at least get the facts right before making a BS list like this

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