Top Free-to-Play MMORPGs

Elements of the Best Free MMORPG

If anyone out there is new to free MMORPGs and wants to try them out and find themselves in need of advice, then they have come to the right place. Finding the best free MMORPG for you involves a lot of work. The best free MMORPG is the one that suits someone’s tastes and needs. Do not be afraid to explore the free MMORPGs out there. After all finding what’s best is about knowing what does not work for someone and to do that people need to go out there and find the free MMORPG that can give someone the most amount of fun and excitement for them and their friends.

Below are some things that people need to pay attention to whenever they try out a new free MMORPG. These are the things that veteran players pay attention to whenever they try a new free MMORPG out.


This is perhaps the most important factor when someone decides which free MMORPG is the best for them. The number one thing people have to keep in mind about gameplay is whether or not they are having fun with playing the game. Some free MMORPGs involve RTS elements in the gameplay, others have fighting airplanes and so on. Whatever the case might be the most important thing to remember is enjoying the game.

The second most important thing about gameplay that people need to remember is balance. A properly balanced game wouldn’t have a player being grossly better than the rest. An imbalanced game will result in everyone picking the same kind of character, which is one of the most boring things ever.

Finally, bugs. Free MMORPGS are huge in scope and encountering a bug or a glitch is common. Simply put, the less bugs there are the better the game is.


First and foremost, people do not need a super duper powerful computer to play free MMORPGs because all of them are designed in such a way that they don’t require a lot of power. Instead the aspect people should pay attention to is design. Do the characters look out of proportion? Are the characters and their weapons awesome to look at? Are the character animations amazing to watch? Find a free MMORPG with graphics that are amazing to watch. Several free MMORPG takes some getting used to, some are so bad that it can give someone a headache, which is usually a sign to leave and try something else.


People should look for a big community, plain and simple. A big community means a lot of players to interact with. A big player base and active community means that players never have to fly solo when they play. Try to check if the game supports a guild system which is sort of like an in game club for players. Free MMORPGs with guilds usually means a lot of players who like interacting with one another.


Whether a player is stabbing a monster, blowing a castle, wrecking a bridge, or just plain exploring, players would want the sounds to be awesome. The best free MMORPGs are immersive because they pay attention to the minor details that make them great. Can the players hear the waters of the river and the lakes? Does the sound of a player landing a critical hit on unsuspecting threat remarkable? Or does the enemy cry out in agony like a little girl right before they hit the ground?


This is perhaps the second most important thing to take not of when playing a free MMORPG. Bad latency means laggy gameplay which is one of the worst enemies of any gamer. There’s nothing more annoying than enjoying a game then suddenly dying because of a ten second delay.


All good free MMORPGs need a good graphical user interface or GUI. There are gamers who stop playing games because they got tired with playing a game with a terrible interface. Look for something simple and easy to use because using that interface can determine how long people play.

No Buyout Gameplay

Any game that makes it easier for a player to win by paying is bad. Some free MMORPGs give players who pay an unfair advantage. When looking for a good free MMORPG find the one that lets players improve and progress their character without having to pay for anything.

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