Age of Conan


Description: Age of Conan has, hands down, the best, most detailed and realistic 3D graphics of any free-to-play MMORPGs. Playing Age of Conan for the first time, players tend to forget that its f2p because of the high quality of the graphics and smooth gameplay. The tutorial immediately grabs your attention and is one of the easiest to understand. Set in the lore rich world of Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian fantasy series, AoC is definitely topnotch.

One of its most interesting and unique features is the “night mode” which allows players to immerse themselves in the rich storyline of AoC by switching to single player mode – players can explore and quest in their own instanced version of Tortage, the starting area for players.

Note that Age of Conan was designed for adult players. It’s rather sexy at times and there are gory or bloody details in the graphics which make it unfit for children. It’s not a hardcore adult though.

Top Features:

  • 12 diverse classes
  • detailed and realistic 3D graphics
  • immense game world
  • extensive crafting system
  • guilds can build entire player cities
  • action-oriented combat, siege warfare and large scale PvP


age of conan

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  1. did a good resumé. Though you forgot to mention PvP and combat mechanics 😀 kinda hard to forget hihi 🙂

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