Allods Online


Game: Allods Online
Type: Free to play
Developer: Astrum Nival
Genre: Futuristic Fantasy

Allods Online is a 3D online MMORPG that blends the traditional fantasy genre with a fair amount of sci-fi elements. An emphasis is put on the fantasy section of the game, but there is also a strong focus on the space opera genre. While many MMORPGs tend to stray away from the story and lean more towards multiplayer experiences, Allods Online follows its story heavily. In fact, unlike its competitors, it encourages the players to follow it and dive deeper into the lore. This MMO does its best to keep its gameplay polished and with its regular updates, it can last for quite a while.

The game’s story revolves around the destruction of the planet Sarnout and the surrounding floating islands that were created because of its demise. These islands are known as Allods and they are at the center of the turmoil between the peoples of Allods Online. The Empire and the League are struggling against one another for dominance and players are able to choose their preferred side. In addition to the battle between the two factions, there is also the Astral, the destructive force and power that destroyed the planet. Its powers are unknown and many destructive demons have awakened from within, causing further problems for the rival factions.

As for the gameplay, Allods Online borrows a lot from the widely popular World of Warcraft. The graphics are done well and there are multiple unique monster designs to help keep the gameplay entertaining. The quests are plentiful and seeing as they are constantly being updated, there is a wealth of activity in this MMO. The player base is not small, but it is not large either. There are enough players to keep the game interesting, but it is not so overpopulated that it is frustrating to move throughout a server.

The races of Allods Online are divided between the factions with three for each. The Empire has the Kanians, the Elves, and the Gibberlings. The League consists of the Xadaganians, the Arisen, and the Orcs. There are 8 classes and they are the Scout, Paladin, Warrior, Healer, Warden, Mage, Summoner, and the Psionicist. Each of the classes also has multiple archetypes to choose from. They are simply a more guided and customized approach to the class. This is an intense class system that allows the player to truly customize the character deeply and exactly how they would like them.

Allods Online is a polished fantasy opera with numerous Sci-fi features. It has a great amount of players and the updates are quite regular. Allods Online takes a lot of time to play and there is an in game cash shop that can help give a player an advantage. It is still a fairly popular title that is gaining fame once again because of its polished gameplay and creative updates. Seeing as there are so many quests and activities, it can take some time to complete and is it is great for long term members.

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  1. Allods online has a TINY current playerbase in 2013. I recently went back to the game after couple of years and with 7 chars asking for help in a group quest, no replies.
    This game is dead, not worth anyones time.

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