Arcane Saga Online

Netmarble has just released its latest free to play MMO: Arcane Saga Online (ASO). It focuses on immense dungeons, intense open world PVP, and extremely customizable combat. This MMO is a new version of what used to be known as Prius Online. After re-working the game and adding many new features, Arcane Saga Online was born. ASO is an interesting new fantasy 3D MMORPG that bills itself as a “no-grind” game.

arcane saga

Top Gameplay Features:

  • free to play forever
  • fast and fun MMORPG with no grinding
  • players can level up to 25 in a few hours
  • multi-class and easy class switching
  • open world PvP (in PvP servers)
  • PvP Arenas and Castle Siege events in regular servers
  • create rare or customized items through crafting, refining, alchemy and cooking

The games story is quite complex. There is a long back story involving all of the main characters of Arcane Saga Online, but it is not too different from other MMOs out there. It is another battle between good vs. evil in which the player must do everything in his/her power to destroy that evil that threatens the universe. For players that truly enjoy the story and background of a game, Arcane Saga Online will not disappoint. It gives the players enough back stories to satisfy their curiosity and questions, but it does not overwhelm them with unneeded information.

Arcane Saga Online really dives deep into character customization and armor choices. When you first begin the game, you are given a choice between four races: the Lon, the Ayin, the Hume, and the Beriah. Each race has their own distinct abilities and is built for certain play styles. The races are all very similar to humans, except the Lan, who seem to be a mix of a human and a lion. Again, for players that love the games story, each race is given a paragraph that explains their characteristics and a small backstory.

The customization in the game really comes into play with the armor choices and job choices. As with most MMOs, there are numerous types of armor and clothing available. Arcane Saga Online gives players hundreds of options to choose from. In addition to that, it also lets the change their play style rather quickly. There are no set classes, but instead there are jobs. Each job can easily be changed, just like a piece of equipment. Jobs are player’s basic powers that fall into four categories: PVP, Healing, DPS, and Tank. In addition to jobs, players an upgrade their skills and unlock many different combos that can be used in combat.

The game really encourages players to join a PVP server and get in on the action. It has open world PVP, but it does not really begin until you are level 45. Players are prohibited from attacking anyone that is under that level. It also has arenas and castle sieges to help keep players busy. To keep the game fun, it has a karma system in place. Killing normal players gives someone bad karma, while killing a player that has bad karma results in good karma. Arcane Saga Online is a new free to play MMO that is worth a shot for players that love PVP, a detailed story, and great combat customization.

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