World of Tanks

Blast your opponents away at the World of Tanks 3D game by Russian company Command your tank infantry to victory by conquering this game of strategy and teamwork. The game is set during World War 2 and you can choose to play using the tanks that dominated the battlefields during those years.


Over 40 Million Registered Users

World of Tanks is truly one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world, with over 40 million registered users. This number is double last year’s figures.


Launched during the latter part of 2010, the game boasts of its historical accuracy through the portrayal of the war-time vehicles and equipment. To start playing, one must register using his email address and he will start playing using either a Soviet MS-1 or a German Leichttraktor. While these tanks are deemed inferior, it is a good weapon for anyone who is still learning the game. Since there are no tutorial modes available, players can engage in battle any time.

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master

Learning to play World of Tanks is easy but being a master in it takes time. But while you are honing your gaming expertise, you can team up with up to 30 players at once and you can battle a team of up to 30 players as well. This massive collection of gamers in one round makes the game modes of this browser-based game highly exciting. Players can choose from one of the five tank categories available: light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers and artillery weaponry.

Players often use the team death match mode wherein players are randomly assigned to a team and the only objective is to quash the other team. There is also a capture the flag mode wherein the opposing team must take possession of the opposing team’s flag. With several players trying to destroy your tank, you can use the game window will to view the field from several angles.

Winning challenges and destroying the opponent’s tanks will enable you to upgrade your tank with defensive fortifications or additional firepower. It will also award experience points that is important in researching technological advancements.


world of tanks

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  1. It’s really very good and easy to play. You are like a tank captain in a shooter game where instead of a regular char you play as a tank. Great fun, don’t take it too serious!

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